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Upload Financial Statements

April 2024
Marc-André Phaneuf

How to upload Financial Statements into your QUOTUS plateform

Uploading Financial Statement is the heart of the QUOTUS system.  We have structure KPIs around your own Data and standardize the information for you to be able to compare, analyse, plan and take action according to your results.

From the Upload Management page, you can:

  • View all the uploaded Financial Statements for each dealership, and status.
  • Upload New Financial Statements for each dealership you can view and control
  • Go back to analyse your Data


To Upload the Financial Statement, you can follow these simple steps.  You can refer to the video tutorial for a visual reference.

  1. Locate and click on the Financial Statement Management Menu in the top right corner of your panel
  2.  Here you will see a full detail view of all the Financial Statements that are inside your group perview.
  3. To upload a new Excel document, Click on “Upload”
  4. A Modal page will open and you can Select the dealership you want to upload Financial Statemnt for.
  5. In the Upload box, you can drag and drop files or you can click on the box and browse your computer for specific files.
  6. Once selected, you will see a list of uploading files.
  7. You will have to select a Period and confirm the DMS system in use for that dealership.  We have previously selected a default DMS for your dealership, if it change, please update the DMS for each Financial Statement you upload from that point.
  8. Once everything is ready you can click on Upload Financial Statement button that as just been enable.
  9. You will be redirected to your admin page and you can see the status of you Financial Statement and when it is ready to be used.
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