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Import Excel Spreadsheet Security

April 2024
Marc-André Phaneuf

Import Excel Spreadsheet Security

When Importing Excel (Import xls) files from Quotus to your computer, your computer may give you security warning concerning the source of the file and disable the editing function by default.  You may also experience a warning because the file path may be to long to rename a file.

This is a normand Windows 11 behavior to protect your computer from executing spreadsheets unsecured or unthrusted by your computer.

When you open the file in Excel, you can expect to see a yellow warning sign at the top of the toolbar giving you the option to enable the file for editing.  You can click on this warning button and it will close the file and reopen it for you to be able to edit the data.  You will be able to save the content or rename the file.


In some case, if you want to rename the file without opening it, you can click on the file in your “Download” folder and press F2 or right click to select raname.  If this is not working, you could go to the property menu item and select at the bottom the security checkbox that says “unblock” and it will enable the file for editing.

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